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National Women's Month 2017 (Nozuko Nxusani Inc)

National Women's Month 2017 is a time to celebrate women in South Africa. All women need to be honoured for making our lives richer and enjoyable. They are often the unsung heroes in all spheres of life and don't always get the recognition for what they quietly do behind the scenes.
One woman that has steadily grown her business in hard times and good times over a period of 17 years is none other than Ms Nozuko Nxusani. She is the Executive Director of Nozuko Nxusani Incorporated, a legal firm of attorneys and conveyancers in Johannesburg.

She leads a team of top legal executives, Mr. Selemo Ben Makubung being the Managing Director and Mr. Frank Koko the Operations Director of Nozuko Nxusani Inc. They have specialized fields of expertise and each contribute in a unique way to the effective functioning of the legal firm.

Besides their lush executive offices in Westcliff, Johannesburg, they also have satellite offices in Kempton Park and East London.
Ms Nozuko Nxusani continues…

Accommodation near OR Tambo Airport (Big 5 Guesthouse)

Accommodation near OR Tambo Airport can be found at Big 5 Guest House with elegant, high-end furnishings. It’s strategically situated in the heart of the cosmopolitan city of Kempton Park only 6.5 kilometres away from the airport and minutes away from all the highways and byways to all the major attractions.

When you arrive, you will friendly staff and a pleasant environment where you can relax and unwind. The setting is exactly like in the photographs with a paved driveway and parking for each room. There is a bushveld lapa is situated on the left where you can relax and watch TV or dine in a comfortable setting overlooking a sparkling swimming pool.

You have a choice of five different well-maintained rooms. Each one has beds to sleep on, DSTV, and a study table and light where you can prepare your work for the days to come.

The units are also serviced daily and we provide a laundry service on site. Each of the units has got its own private bathroom. In the guesthouse, you have the …

Dancing Queen (Charlotte Roth)

Charlotte Roth, the author of Dancing Queen, sent me the following email:

So excited to share this news with you... 
I'm so very honored and excited to be participating in the National Eating Disorder Association chat, the #NEDAChat today at 2 PM ET. We'll be discussing body awareness and eating disorders. I was invited because of my book, Dancing Queen--a witty and warm story about "Fat Fiona" who finally, at the age of thirty-five, sets out to prove to the world, her mom, and herself that every body can be a dancer's body.

I believe this is such an important topic since, sadly, so many of us have, if not an eating disorder then what I call a body awareness disorder. We need to fall back in love with our bodies.

I'm giving away my book for free to help raise awareness, to give people a good laugh and something to think about. Click on the link below the image of Dancing Queen to get the book.

You can read more about my thoughts about body awareness and why I wro…

Security Dogs For Hire (South Africa)

Security Dogs are without a doubt the most efficient and cost effective way to guard your property or premises. A well-trained security dog can replace at least 3 guards. Dogs can be trained to respond to a command and will obey the command in a situation when needed.

German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and/or Belgian Shepherds ( Malinois) are excellent breeds for Protection Canine Training as security dogs. These dogs are fearless, alert, courageous, obedient, and eager to learn. They are extremely brave and faithful and will not think twice about putting their lives on the line.

They are very loyal to their handlers, which makes them the perfect candidates for protection and security. The handlers are trained to treat the animals in a firm, confident and consistent way.

Typical services offered by canine protection companies are:Private Attack TrainingProvision of Training GearSecurity and Guard Dogs on contractVIP Protection ServicesSpecialized Dogs - i.e. tracking dogs, tracking dogs t…

Mandela Day July 2017 (Nozuko Nxusani Inc.)

Last year Nelson Mandela Day was celebrated by the enthusiastic staff of Nozuko Nxusani Inc.

Every year the citizens are reminded of the legacy left behind by former South African president Nelson Mandela. To celebrate his birthday everyone is inspired to dedicate 67 minutes of their time to helping those in need. South Africans are known for having generous, open hearts and when called upon they respond in an extravagant way. Let the world take note that we are proud of our heritage and the magnanimous way in which this Icon led this country whilst in office. His charming personality reached even across the oceans to inspire people of all walks of life.

So it was with much joyous enthusiasm that the management and staff of Nozuko Nxusani Inc. journeyed to Tumelo Home in Tembisa to do their share and help them. I was there taking photographs and witnessed when all sorts of needed appliances and necessities were formally handed over to the leadership responsible for the Tumelo Home.