Security Dogs For Hire

Security Dogs are without a doubt the most efficient and cost-effective way to guard your property or premises. A well-trained security dog can replace at least 3 guards. Dogs can be trained to respond to a command and will obey the command in a situation when needed.

German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and/or Belgian Shepherds ( Malinois) are excellent breeds for Protection Canine Training as security dogs. These dogs are fearless, alert, courageous, obedient, and eager to learn. They are extremely brave and faithful and will not think twice about putting their lives on the line.

They are very loyal to their handlers, which makes them the perfect candidates for protection and security. The handlers are trained to treat the animals in a firm, confident and consistent way.

Typical services offered by canine protection companies are:Private Attack TrainingProvision of Training GearSecurity and Guard Dogs on contractVIP Protection ServicesSpecialized Dogs - i.e. tracking dogs, tracking dogs t…

AI Restrooms

This is not an article about artificial intelligence as defined in Wikipedia where a device perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal. It's also not about machines being smarter than humans. At its very basic level, it's about smart devices that monitor human movements and responds to meet needs.

This morning we had to return to the Mall of Africa. They simply have the best toilets ever. Not only are they modern and clean, they have what I term an AI system in place. Once you've finished and walk away from the urinal a sensor on the wall automatically flushes the cistern for you.

Your next step is when you want to wash your hands. The washbasins also have sensors that notice your hands under the taps and make the water flow. When you move your hands out of the way the water stops. The soap is in the form of a foam ball as you press the dispenser. I perceive that the system is aimed at reducing water wastage from start to …

Last Week Of 2017

We decided to visit the Mall of Africa in Midrand. After all, it was Maggie's wish to go there a year ago. I wanted to pop in at the iStore and look at the latest iMac.

After drooling over the computers in the iStore we went to the bank and spent a lot of time there which turned out to be a total waste of time. That was actually the previous week.

This week we returned to the Mall of Africa and decided to try Incredible Connection. I was still intent on getting that iMac. Looking at the Mac I tried out the new features and it looked really cool, but it was as if I had to convince myself to choose it. Most of my software is Windows driven. Changing to a Mac would be a huge adjustment.

Since I was in the store with all sorts of computers I decided to walk around and look at other makes to clear my head. That's when I discovered the gaming machines. I'm not a gamer but was intrigued by the hardware. That's when I saw the ASUS ROG G752VS I7 GAMING NOTEBOOK.

The ROG G752VS…

Stained Glass - Experience More

Why consider stained glass creations?

I gave that some thought. I was pleasantly surprised at what I discovered. A stained glass creation can be a multi-coloured window or an alluring lampshade. What about door panels and cabinet panels?

Okay, you get the picture. A window is a two-dimensional object. Now add light to it and it becomes three dimensional. Close your eyes and picture the most exquisite stained glass window in a church that you visited once. What do you experience? Many more dimensions, hey. You start to hear organ music and a choir singing - heavenly music. Your memories take you back to a special time in your life. The colours in the design represent many different things like the red depicting a pleasant warmth of love. The blue represents the sky and heaven - a higher dimension. The green reminds you of growth and nature. White would be purity.

All these colours and emotions flood through your mind, spirit, and emotions putting you in a safe and secure place in your…

Blogging Because I Love It

This evening I looked at how many blog posts I had written so far for the year. This is number 60. It looks like I really made progress during 2017. The topics covered very diverse subjects. Some articles had lovely photos. Some were about famous people. I managed to make a new friend in Seattle - I don't think she's sleepless.
My list of readers has grown - thank you. Usually, I am advised to pick a niche and blog like hell. That's what the experts say. Don't you hate it when people bombard you with their emails every day? So far I have steered away from that.
Well, I have listed a few of my blogs for the year below. If you missed something you can just scroll down and pick a topic and click on the link.
Thanks for checking in regularly.
The One That Got Away - Excerpt and Giveaway “Geez.” She brings the big sunglasses down to the bridge of her nose. “Could they possibly be any louder?”

“I know! And look at my mom. We’ve been in Rome for what—two seconds?—and she’s already f…

Chiropractor Dr. Felix Starker (Kempton Park)

Thank you to all my friends and patients for a wonderful year. May you have a beautiful festive season and an exciting New Year.
We will be open for mornings only on Wednesday 27th; Thursday 28th; and Friday 29th December. Then we will open again on 2nd January 2018.
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The One That Got Away - Excerpt and Giveaway

I know you are all super busy but I just wanted to give you the opportunity to enter a little holiday giveaway. Just click on this link and follow directions. Wish you all a wonderful time with your loved ones  Charlotte 
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A reader kindly asked if I had an excerpt from The One That Got Away... Sharing right now (note: Formatting gets lost on FB). Enjoy  <3

@ Hotel Ponte Sisto, Rome

Waitresses are busy setting up the breakfast tables in the open sunlit yard when we finally arrive. Even though I’m happy to be here among big happy palm trees bathed in the rays of the rising sun, I’m also tired, jet-lagged, and a little hungover, and I can’t decide whether I agree with the smell of morning sausages or not. I look up at Lori, sitting right across from me on her suitcase, still wearing her pink hat and sunglasses.

“Geez.” She brings the big sunglasses down to the bridge of her nose. “Could they possibly be any loude…